the woohoos

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Consider this a spam:

Star SuperBand Preview starting 15th September on every Friday and
There is no closing date,it is open till the end of the last preview in
mid October.

Chinatown Cabaret
45 Ann Siang Road #02-01 Singapore 069719.
Tel 65570130
Official website:

Dear Friends and Fellow Band Members

Once again I would like to highlight the opening of registration for

A contest with two to five piece bands
Each group 20 mins performances of different genre
20mins in English or you can replace 10mins in other languages.
Original or covers songs are acceptable.
Minimum age 16 years and above
Drum set, keyboard, 2 guitar amps and 1guitar bass amp will be provided

The Contest Schedule
September: Preview shows-choose your own dates for the previews
October/November: One knock out round
December/January: Final Concert
Any withdrawal during the knockout round is allowed. No compensation &

The top 10 Bands will get a profit share of the ticket sales from the
Finals Concert depending on the position of the contest.

The group album will be sold during the 2 concerts and a 50% cut after
production cost will be given to each band concerned.

The top 10 bands will be given 1 year performance contract with
Chinatown Cabaret.
The winning band will also get a chance to perform oversea.

Cash Rewards
JOIN NOW to be a participating band and enjoy Cash Rewards.
Participating Band can recommend any other bands to join the
competition, a $30 reward for each band group you bring in. Plus another bonus
reward of $100 if you recommend 3 group band and above. A total of $190
for 3 bands you recommend to take part.

Please submit your Band name, band member names, contact and email and
Register via email , Sms to 91859377 or Online at we will arrange for you to come down to Chinatown Cabaret for a
photo shoot, to pay the registration fee of $50.00, choose your preview
date, choose your Free bottle of Vodka, bourbon Gin or Whiskey and also to
take a look at the place, equipments and instruments supplied.

For more information and details regarding the competition please email
or Sms 91859377

Yours Sincerely

Richie Koh
Events Executive

*Chinatown Cabaret is located behind Maxwell Food Centre & Scarlet
Hotel, opposite the Indian Temple at Chinatown next to club Street. In
Between Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown MRT. Bus services 105, 61, 80, 166,
145, 197.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gig Vids and Pics

Here's all I can upload for now:
Anti-gravity (Summer Romance)

..and some pictures (chris)

Setlist on Friday (Aug 8)

Hi guys, here are the songs we can try on Friday. By the way we may be preparing for an acoustic "audition" Ling was telling about. That will be two songs for the audition, so whichever of the songs below would sound good acoustic, we use those :) "+" items are new ones.

- Anti Gravity
- Angels
- Mr. Jones
- Drive
- Under The Bridge
+ Love Will Come Through (Travis. Check band email)
+ Lightning Crashes (Live. Glenn will send mp3, in the meantime we refer to youtube)

See ya on Fri.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Woohoos Rocks!

Hi mates!
I'm taking this op to congratulate us, The Woohoos for a successful gig last saturday. Basing from that maiden performance I'm pretty sure we had made an impressive mark. I hope you all had fun as much as I did.

Here are some impressions from peeps who watched:
-"Your lady guitarist rocks! After watching I'm having second thoughts playing guitar again" (- male guitarist)
-"I'm sorry I had to pan the cam more to the left coz playing piano was my frustration, i'm so mezmerized by her" (- my wife)
-"Dad, she (cheng) looks like barbie, I wanna be like her when I grow up!" (- stefi)
-"Chris voice is really damn good! and your group has charisma on stage" (- male bassist)
-"Zul is cool and comical" (- me)

See you all at the next jam, or should i say: should we shedule a video viewing day? I'm inviting you all at my place if you are all available this wednesday (holiday!) for a lunch or dinner?


Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hi guys, whoa we kicked ass! We did like fifty something blunders and the hell we care!! (that's because I commited about two thirds of it so if I say it's ok.. it SHOULD be ok hahaha!) Seriously, we were great :) Hmm this is a blog, I should be writing in diary mode eh?

Dear blog,

We had our first gig at Marine Cove tonight. It was packed! People were body surfin' everywhere! They were shouting our names, it was crazy. I threw my shirt into the audience and girls were screamin' while rippin it apart. I could die at that moment.

HAHAHA ok i'll quit fooling around.

Dear blog,

We had our first gig at Marine Cove tonight. It wasn't really that packed. People were comin' in pairs or were just passing by. But it was definitely more than the three or four I had anticipated. Sweat was dripping all over my face what a mess! Bandmates seemed to have kept their cool the whole way though. And there's this lady who requested for "The Calling" song. How thick skinned of her! We're not being paid here hellooooOO! (LOL) Anyway, Anthony had to put us on the spot and asked us for an extra song, two even! They had to put up with one of my crappy originals. After the gig we're all happy. No one asked for any autographs though (I knew it was a waste of time practicin' my signature that mornin' - "Love lots, Chris"). Went to McCafe to mingle with some "groupies". After that it was nite nite.

Love lots,


Hopefully we'll have some media updated here by Monday the latest. My friend Joel took some good band shots, and Glenn with his trusty videocam. It would be nice to see and laugh at all those blunders, the woohoos way :)

p.s. pls join our yahoogroups at . Seeya!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gig Setlist

Hi guys, this will be the order that we'll be playing later..

Under the Bridge
When I Look To The Sky
Best Of You
Be Yourself
Fell On Black Days
Counting Blue Cars
Summer Romance

I'm still thinking of a good warm up soundcheck song segment that will stretch us a bit before we do our setlist? Anyone? Or everybody can just go crazy on your own instruments, and look focused while you're at it, make it look like we're *actually* playing something haha! Uh ok nevermind :P

See ya guys later :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ok now..

Go check the band email haha! I've sent the mp3 recordings of our jamming yesterday. They're poor quality recordings, but we kick ass!

I've also uploaded the song structure documents in the email. Please feel free to identify corrections and additions, though you can leave the "details" part for later. Please focus on the structure first (why do I get the feeling that nobody will bother to check them eh? :P) I'll try to do the rest of the song structure documents tonight.

Honestly I think we'll kick ass on Saturday hehehe. Ok I'm too optimistic.. we will FAIL! FAIL!! huMiLiATe ourselves in front of people!! Like three or four people. HAHHAA!

Let's have fun shall weeeeeeeeee :D

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Heartrock Gig on Aug 5 (Saturday)

Hi guys, we have a gig on Sat at Marina Cove woohoo!

We'll be having two jamming sessions this week to prepare. The schedules are:

Aug 2 (Tues)
- clocks (live)
- when i look to the sky
- summer romance (anti-gravity) acoustic ver
- best of you
- be yourself

Aug 4 (Fri)
- angels
- counting blue cars
- fell on black days
- under the bridge

** all the mp3s can be found inside the woohoos gmail

I'm also creating "structure" documents for each song, so we'll be on the same page when we play it, and jamming will go smoothly. If you're wondering what the timekeeping is for, see bottom part..

Coldplay - Clocks

00:00 (4 counts intro)

00:32 Lights go out and I can't be saved
00:36 Tides that I've tried to swim against,
00:40 You've put me down upon my knees
00:43 Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

00:48 Come out of things unsaid
00:50 Shoot an apple off my head
00:55 And a trouble that can't be named
00:58 tigers waiting to be tamed, singing

01:03 You are
01:10 You are

(2 counts empty)

01:31 Confusion that never stops
01:34 Closing walls and ticking clocks, gonna
01:39 Come back and take you home
01:41 I could not stop that you now know, when I

01:46 Come out upon my seas
01:49 Cursed missed opportunities, am I
01:53 A part of the cure?
01:56 Or am I part of the disease, singing

2:01 You are
2:08 You are
2:16 You are
2:23 You are

(2 counts empty)

02:45 You are
02:52 You are

03:00 And nothing else compares
03:07 Oh! nothing else compares
03:14 And nothing else compares

(2 counts empty)

(4 counts empty)

03:58 You are
04:06 You are

04:12 Home, home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:21 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:28 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:36 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:43 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:50 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
04:58 Home, where I wanted to go, I went home
05:05 Home, where I wanted to go


00:00 quiet intro piano and clapper/sticks 2 counts
00:18 loud intro 2 counts
00:32 piano fades to ambient sound
01:01 piano comes back, subtle gnawing guitar kicks in
01:31 piano fades to ambient sound
01:38 guitar two high notes
02:01 piano comes back, subtle gnawing guitar kicks in, builds up
02:16 vocals higher
02:24 vocals vary to lower
02:29 high piano notes, guitar ramps up
02:53 vocals prolong
03:28 all stop except piano and clapper, lingering guitar delay
03:43 drums kick in, piano higher notes
03:58 vocals higher
04:06 vocals lower
04:12 crashes start
04:41 drums and bass stop, piano and guitar plucking linger
05:12 all stop except piano

(I can't account for the bass parts that much lol)

.. we won't be very strict with these minute details YET, but I think it'd be good to have this so we know where we are in the song and won't get lost, which is what normally happens when we jam, and sadly we just take it as it is. If I have time I'll color code the "details" part to correspond to an instrument that needs particular attention. For example..

Cheng, Ling, Chris

02:01 piano comes back, subtle gnawing guitar kicks in, builds up
02:16 vocals higher

ooooh colorssss..

If this sounds complicated, well it is. We DON'T have to follow this YET. We can still follow what we've been doing before, since this will be an experiment, and we can't afford to go through an experiment 5 days shy from the real deal. But in case we need it for reference, it's here, so if anybody argues about anything in the song, there's proof to back it up :P I'll be printing these out on Tues so everyone has his/her copy. If there are comments/modifications to this, please send them my way. Any violent reactions, go jump in a lake.

See you on Tues.